Bikebox Bike Lockers

Provide peace-of-mind bike parking at your business with Reliance Foundry’s “BIKEBOX” bike lockers

BIKEBOX bike lockers by Reliance Foundry are created with peace-of-mind bike security in mind. They feature a proprietary design that allows them to be interlocked in straight or semi-circular patterns. They feature spacious interiors that allow for not only the storage of bicycles, but also additional equipment like back packs, panniers and lights. At sites all across North America, BIKEBOX bike lockers have provided an optimal level of protection from the elements, thieves and vandals. If you’re looking for a way to increase accessibility at your business, Reliance Foundry’s plastic BIKEBOX bike lockers are the perfect solution!

BIKEBOX lockers are offered at prices that are among the most competitive on the market, with volume discounts available for larger orders. Standard models are offered in charcoal black. Visit Reliance Foundry’s BIKEBOX bike locker web page for details on ordering or to request a formal quote.